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Mechanical processing

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Mechanical processing of thermally coated spray coatings.

Basic principles, special features and our equipment for mechanical processing.

One of the outstanding properties of thermal spray coatings is their hardness and abrasion resistance due to the special microstructure formations. A tough, metallic mixed crystal matrix in which carbides or other hard phases are embedded, or super-hard oxide materials determine the mechanical finishing.

An excellent surface quality is no accident.

Processing machines, tools, machining parameters and extensive experience in dealing with thermal spray coatings are of crucial importance. rhv-Technik offers one-off and series production according to set customer specifications.

With our audited technology partners for special manufacturing tasks, such as honing, deep hole drilling, turning and grinding of large components, we can offer our customers the entire range of services from a single source.

Our range of services in mechanical processing includes the production of individual parts as well as small series, from prototype construction to pilot series. Work is carried out using special turning and grinding tools that allow the highest degree of precision and surface quality.



Researching, developing and entering new territory together.

If you would like to break completely new ground when it comes to surface coating, get in touch with us. We are looking forward to exciting and innovative projects.

Stefan Schmucker,  Operations Manager



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