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Agricultural machinery


Thermal coatings for agricultural and forestry machinery.

High-quality surface technology for optimising agricultural technology.

Whether in the agriculture or forestry sector – the machines used there must reliably withstand enormous loads. Agricultural technology must be tremendously robust, because day-to-day use in wind and rain demands enormous resilience from all assemblies down to the smallest detail.

During harvest time, every minute counts whilst the harvest machine is running. Often due to weather-related time windows, the machines and systems have to run reliably. Damage-related breakdowns must be remedied quickly or should preferably not occur at all. Almost all agricultural machinery represents an enormous investment for the operator. Breakdowns cost time and money. Highest quality is therefore the top priority when it comes to agricultural machinery.


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Carsten Wolters, Technical Director



Agricultural machinery and forestry machinery are well thought-out performance giants – designed for the most difficult terrain whilst requiring high agility and power development. The compatibility of weight and lightness is a major challenge for designers. Blades for fertilizer spreaders are usually made of aluminium for weight reasons, but are exposed to high wear and corrosion attack. A two to four tenth thick thermal spray coating with tungsten carbide, applied in high-velocity spraying, is the method of choice and an excellent addition to build-up welded layers. The aluminium base bodies do not suffer any distortion, since, unlike welding, virtually no heat input into the component takes place due to the thermal spraying method and the surface is not melted. If the corrosion attack caused by the fertilizer becomes even more demanding, it is possible to switch over to a chrome coating with boron components.

Quick help in case of machine downtime.

The machines are getting bigger and bigger in order to cultivate ever larger arable land in ever smaller time windows. If the combine harvester breaks down, action must be taken quickly. Assemblies or spare parts can often be replaced quickly. But what can be done if the necessary spare part is not available? This is where thermal spraying can help quickly and easily. Worn shafts can be sprayed with a wide variety of materials, overturned and reinstalled. With a ceramic coating, many components have a longer service life than in the uncoated original state. Whether agricultural machinery or forestry machinery – high-quality surface technology from rhv in Waiblingen ensures reliable operation throughout Europe.

Many surfaces under attack, e.g. on cutting surfaces, blades or baffles, are subject to such strong wear requirements that build-up welding is the best solution. Alternatively, there are also applications in which only a thin coating of two tenths can be applied. The coating of new parts in a high-tech giant is just as possible as the repair coating in the event of damage.

Typical applications for thermal coatings in agricultural engineering: 

 Screw conveyors | Rotors | Conveyor belts | Conveyor plates | Blades
Drums | Knives/cutting tools | High-stress shafts | Bearings

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