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Thermal coatings for the paper industry and the printing industry.

Surface technology optimises the manufacturing process of printed products.

Sophisticated equipment and machines in the paper and printing industry benefit from high-quality surface technology.

Components from the paper industry, such as rollers, knives and drums, are exposed to abrasion and corrosion. A thermal spray coating not only extends the service life of the component, but also improves the quality of the product itself. Chemical resistance of surfaces in contact with cellulose can be achieved with a ceramic coating. Spray coatings made of carbide materials increase the service life of deflection rollers, scraper blades or grippers.

Examples of thermal coatings in the paper and printing industry

Deflection rollers | Grippers | Scraper blades
Knives | Shafts | Bearings

Thermal coatings for the paper and printing industry enable longer service lives and contribute to greater cost-effectiveness. rhv-Technik is one of the most experienced specialists in the field of thermal coatings. Over the past decades, we have earned a good reputation internationally. Innovative solutions, the highest quality and reliability are what set us apart. In particular, demanding tasks in surface technology are in the best hands with us. We also contribute this increased competence to our cooperation with companies that are active in the paper and printing industries.


For your questions relating to surface technology in the field of the paper industry or the printing industry, I am the right contact person. Get in touch with me now.


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