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Coated surfaces – in power generation and environmental technology

In this way, manufacturers of components for environmental technology or energy generation benefit from thermally coated components.

The following applies to almost all industries and areas of application: components that are provided with thermally sprayed coatings make a positive contribution to sustainability. Thermally sprayed surfaces also give your machine the finishing touches in terms of positive energy balance. Environmental protection and energy production are closely linked. In any case, thermal spraying is always the appropriate method of choice for your components.

The demands on production processes to reduce CO2 or even produce CO2-neutrally are becoming ever higher. Machines must work efficiently and, if possible, without energy loss or with as little energy expenditure as possible. A thermally sprayed surface can make a good contribution to conserving resources and to the energy efficiency of your complete installation. Ceramic-coated sealing seats offer a friction-optimised surface that does not waste energy during start-up, increases durability and extends the service life of your machines.

So that sustainability is more than just a word.

Sustainability along the entire production chain can be guaranteed by thermally refined surfaces. As your engineering partner, we support you in the development and design of your components by integrating the innovative and suitable surface treatment at an early stage.

Sustainability does not stop after the design of your machine components, but runs through (preventive) maintenance and repair. If your component is worn, it can be reconditioned by a ceramic, carbide or metal alloy. Material consumption is reduced and resources are conserved. The life cycle and thus the energy and CO2 balance for your plant or machine has been significantly improved by the use of a thermal spray coating.

Impressive solutions for plant construction in environmental and power technology.

If you are a manufacturer of components for environmental technology or energy production, then the path to thermal spraying guides you too. Turbine blades in hydropower plants are protected from cavitation by a tungsten carbide coating and can be used for longer.

  • CO2 reduction of the machinery (e.g. friction coefficient reduction)
  • Conserving resources through repairs or scrap salvage with thermal spray coatings (e.g. repair of bearing seats, planetary gears)
  • Coating of components in environmental technology and power generation (e.g. wind and hydropower / renewable energies)
  • Engineering partner

rhv-Technik is the specialist for coated surfaces in environmental technology.

Typical examples of applications that come directly from environmental technology are coatings of gearboxes in wind power technology to increase the coefficient of friction. In the field of renewable energies, thermally sprayed surfaces have become indispensable. Erosion protection coating of turbines, such as the already mentioned turbine blades in hydropower plants, wear or cavitation protection coatings on control valves and spindles or bearing points in planetary gears are just a few examples. Where liquid media are employed in the energy industry, reliable pumps are also used. With thermally ceramic or carbide-coated surfaces, pumps become more efficient, more stable and thus make a sustainable and effective contribution to the energy sector.

Technical solutions that are reliable and sustainable inspire me. Contact me if you would like to know more about thermally treated surfaces in environmental technology and in the field of power generation.

Martin Dauner, Leader F+E and laboratory



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