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Surface technology in the oil and gas industry.

Thermal spraying offers many benefits for equipment and systems in the oil and gas industry.

The environmental conditions for the production of oil and gas are extremely demanding – just the right use for a thermal spray coating. Conveyor units, pumps or rotors come into contact with media that are very contaminated in their composition and can contain rock particles, sand and sludge. When talking about maximum wear requirements, they can be found here and that is why the optimisation of components is so essential.

With the selection of the appropriate material and the right spraying process, different coatings can be created that can withstand such attacks. The surface specialists at rhv-Technik bring a lot of experience to every project, especially for applications in the oil industry, the gas industry and refineries.

Sealing systems often have to withstand the toughest conditions. The combination of high pressures, high temperatures and high speeds requires the most resilient surfaces that can be produced by a thermal spray coating. High-precision mechanical post-processing is a matter of course for us.

In this way, we help to ensure that equipment used for oil or gas production work reliably and safely. In addition, a high-quality thermal coating noticeably increases the durability and service life of stressed parts. Surface technology therefore also optimises the cost-effectiveness of pumps and conveying units.

We are experts in thermal surfaces in the oil and gas industry. Benefit from our years of experience.

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Overhaul and post-processing of components from the oil and gas industry.

Sustainable solutions are also possible in the field of highly stressed components.

Of course, we can mechanically recondition components such as conveyor units, pumps or rotors using spray technology with our high-performance equipment and systems.

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