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Repair of coated components, we are the specialists

Whether it is bearing seats, sealing seats or other machine parts, we repair coated surfaces with thermal spray coatings.

We are fast and reliable when it comes to repairing coated components.

Any machine downtime is expensive. That is why three criteria are particularly important for the repair of highly stressed machine components.

    1. Speed of the repair
    2. High-quality implementation of the
      thermal spray coating
    3. Certified quality control

As experienced specialists for the thermal coating of surfaces, we offer an absolutely high-quality repair service. Of course, we offer the brand quality for which rhv-Technik is known in the production of thermal coatings when repairing components.

Thanks to our high-quality machine equipment and our specialist personnel, we reduce machine downtime and repair machine components in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality!

For example, we coat a worn shaft, machine it to the required size and subject the component to a strict quality inspection at the end. Thanks to our enormous experience in thermal spraying and surface technology, we are very good at judging which approach is the most economical solution in the medium and long term. Repair or new part? Here too, our customers can fully rely on our expertise.

We take on repairs in these areas:
Bearing seats | Sealing seats | Spindle cones

Repair and preventive maintenance.

Thermal spray coatings are everywhere: in new parts, in repairs, for scrap salvage or preventive maintenance. Where the intersection between a new part and a repair lies is a question that we, as experts in thermal spraying, can answer objectively and economically. The factor of environmental sustainability also plays a decisive role in this decision. We are of the opinion that worn components no longer necessarily have to be taken out of service. A thermal coating carried out by the specialist makes it possible to save time, costs and resources.

With a thermal coating, valuable components can be repaired in a short time.

That is why a thermal surface coating pays for itself:
wear points are coated with base material or more wear-resistant materials and finally mechanically machined to the required dimension. Often the service life of the reconditioned and coated component is longer than the service life of the previously uncoated original new part. Typical examples of repair coatings are bearing seats, sealing surfaces and cone holders on shafts and spindles.

Thermal coating for scrap salvage and dimensional correction.

Where planing is carried out, chips occur and errors can never be completely ruled out. Our many years of experience in thermal spraying also enable us to salvage the scrap from components.

If, for example, measurements and tolerances fall short during the production of a component due to a manufacturing error, the component can be saved by thermal coating and the subsequent mechanical processing.

The interaction of thermal coating and high competence for mechanical processing is particularly important.

It is precisely this combination of thermal coating and preceding or subsequent mechanical finishing that explains the success of rhv-Technik.

Drive technology, seals or mounting seats are usually in continuous use – services and repairs must be carried out quickly and reliably.

The rhv repair experts sometimes perform minor miracles from the customer’s point of view. Our experience and our wide range of equipment enable enormous flexibility and short delivery times for repairs or parts salvage.

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