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Thermally treated surfaces in the pump industry.

High-quality coating technology makes pumps more durable.

Since pumps usually work in an environment where they have to withstand corrosive and abrasive attacks, thermally treated surfaces make an important contribution to improving products in the pump industry.

Depending on the specific influencing factors of the tribological system in which the pump is located, the choice of coating material falls on a ceramic, a carbide or a metallic alloy. The mutually influencing factors as well as the ambient medium of the pump determine the coating system that we develop with our customers.

Ceramics, such as chromium oxide or aluminium oxide, are particularly resistant to acids or alkalis, for example Inconel® or Hastelloy®. High-quality nickel-based alloys can be used in the case of galvanic corrosion. The material range of thermal spray powders is so wide that materials can be found that can withstand chemical attacks from milk to citric acid.

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The range of applications determines the type of thermal coating.

What is the consistency of the conveyed medium? The range of applications ranges from tablet powder to sewage sludge. The corresponding coating material is available for every surface-contacting and thus abrasive or erosive solid.

Rotors are often galvanically chrome-plated. However, if the chrome plating is no longer sufficient or if other factors are in favour of a coating in the thermal spray process, then hard materials with a metal matrix, such as tungsten carbide or chrome carbide, are the first choice for thermal coating in the pump industry.

The decisive benefit of thermal coatings compared to hard chrome coatings lies in the wear behaviour. The hard chrome coating can lead to burr formation, which causes the stator to run in and destroy it in the long term. The thermal spray coating only runs in and thus protects the stator.

Good to know:

Components such as rotors, screw conveyors, valves, pump pistons, dosing screws, valves or seals are manufactured from different base materials. Stainless steel, brass, grey cast iron or plastics can be refined with a thermal spray coating. Thanks to a high-quality thermal surface coating from rhv-Technik, they are noticeably optimised for use in slow-running agitators, extremely fast-running compressor pumps, high-precision dosing systems or high-pressure applications.

Thermally treated surfaces in the pump industry.

As specialists in surface technology in the pump industry, we can produce coating thicknesses from a few hundredths to several millimetres. It does not matter whether the coating of new parts, repairs for scrap salvage or maintenance work is involved.

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