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Surface coating for the mobility of our times.

Thermal spraying makes mobility safe, economical and reliable.

As diverse as the forms of mobility can be, so unlimited are the application possibilities of thermally sprayed surfaces in these technologies. Mass means of transport such as buses and trains, electric cars, internal combustion engines, Formula 1 racing cars or classic cars – there are many applications in all these areas that benefit from high-quality surface treatment by thermal spraying.

Of course, a surface coating for the aerospace industry is also advisable in many cases. For components used in aircraft construction or aerospace, high-quality coatings contribute to improved product performance. It is clear that surface coating can make a sustainable and future-proof contribution to the mobility of our time.

Coatings that increase friction play just as much a role as the production of surfaces with improved sliding properties. When coating piston rings, brake pads or clutch joints with molybdenum, the excellent adhesion and dry running properties of the material are made use of. By means of a thermal molybdenum coating, friction welds and fretting can be avoided. In addition, molybdenum can be ground to nothing without losing its adhesive properties.


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Various spray coatings are used for the production of alternative drives, e.g. in e-mobility or in fuel cell technology. Plain bearing shells are refined with a white metal coating several millimetres thick, bearing seats on gears in turn with chromium oxide. Thermal Barrier Coatings, or TBC for short, are thermal insulation coatings based on zirconium oxide and are suitable for coating and enclosing aerospace measuring tools.

Surface coating for the aerospace industry as well as mobility, traffic technology and vehicle construction:

Piston rings | Brake pads | Fuel cells
Bearing seats | Enclosures, housings
Shafts | Bearings | Pumps


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