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Pharmaceutical industry and medical technology


Coated surfaces for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology 

Thermal spraying optimises many components in equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the conveying and filling of corrosive and abrasive media is a major task. Liquid substances, gases and mechanical requirements afflict installations in the pharmaceutical industry and place a high demand on components and entire assemblies.

This material stress is a not insignificant problem in terms of service life, safe plant operation and durability, which can be solved very well with thermal spraying. Components found in conveyor systems, such as pumps, seals or dosing pistons, and dosing units, provided with a thermal coating, can withstand the various attacks. Medical technology equipment as well as systems and production plants used in the pharmaceutical industry have a significantly longer service life due to thermal spraying. In some cases, their safe and reliable function is only possible through a thermal coating, because ceramics and carbides protect against corrosion and wear.

Examples from medical technology with thermal surface treatment.

Implants are subject to high demands in terms of contamination and surface quality. In order to avoid contamination from metallic abrasion during the processing of joint implants, the machining expanding mandrel can be coated with a wide variety of materials that are medically suitable for this purpose.

Metering pistons that come into contact with aggressive, corrosive media must not react with these substances to avoid impurities and contamination. Here, too, high-quality ceramic coatings impress all along the line.


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Revision and post-processing also for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

Of course, we can also remanufacture components from medical equipment and systems mechanically and in terms of injection molding technology as part of the overhaul process without further ado. We meet the enormously high requirements in terms of operational safety as confidently as we do for the production of new parts.

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