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Thermal spraying and mechanical processing.

Surface technology to protect against wear, corrosion and erosion – rhv-Technik sets an example.


Since 1977, we have been working intensively on the surface technology of thermal spraying and the corresponding mechanical processing.

Thermal coatings are successfully used to protect surfaces from wear, corrosion and erosion. Thermal spraying is also ideally suited to apply electrically or thermally conductive as well as insulating coatings for functional component surfaces.

The usual coating thicknesses are in a range from 50 µm to 500 µm, but they may also be several millimetres, depending on the coating material. The application of the method is independent of the size and geometry of the component and can also be limited to partial areas.

Thermal spraying – the benefits:

  • One of the major benefits of thermal spraying is that almost any coating composition can be used, from ceramics to carbides or metallic alloys.

  • The temperature of the base material is so low during coating that no structural change, warping or distortion occurs.

  • Almost every base material can be coated.

Thermal spraying and perfectly matched mechanical processing.

As experienced specialists in surface technology, we process components that are highly precise and subject to special requirements, with total confidence and reliability. Our customers include reputable companies from the sealing and pump technology sector, mechanical engineering, packaging, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as many other related areas.

rhv-Technik has been one of the leading suppliers of coated precision components for decades. Internationally successful companies in Germany and abroad appreciate our expertise in thermal spraying and mechanical processing.

We have developed from the general mechanical engineering sector and offer a highly efficient production program that ranges from repairs to the production of new parts.



Since our foundation in 1968, we have been an independent, owner-managed, medium-sized family business. It is no coincidence that rhv-Technik is now perceived as a brand in the field of thermal coating. We have achieved our special position in the market through reliable, innovative and high-quality work.

Company founder Jochen Rybak started as a small supplier with precision engineering apparatus construction. What began as a workshop operation has developed into an experienced specialist for thermal spraying. Today, rhv-Technik enjoys a first-class reputation in a wide variety of industries.

Our annual figures overview shows how we became what we are.


Founded by Jochen Rybak in the town centre of Waiblingen as a precision engineering apparatus construction firm under the name “Jochen Rybak – Feinmechanischer Apparatebau”.

The workshop was located in an old building dating from 1915, at the end of a cul-de-sac. Quality and precision at a top level were already guaranteed at this time, which is why well-known companies were among our customers from the very beginning.


Expansion to “Rybak + Höschele Verschleißschutz GmbH” by accepting Mr. Horst Höschele as a partner who brought thermal spray technology to the company. Our unique selling point was the combination of thermal coatings and the associated mechanical pre-machining and finishing. Even today, we are still a leader in this field.


Foundation of Thermal Spray Tec in Moscow together with Sergei Sarbuchev to sell complete spraying systems


Founding member of GTS


Move to Eisental. The building was built by Heidi Rybak and completely adapted to the needs of the company by the architect Mr. Jobst Ewald in cooperation with Mr. Rybak. Expansion of the area to 3,000 m².


Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and GTS guidelines with the move into the new building


Establishment of our own metallographic laboratory


Departure of Mr. Höschele, shares taken over by Claudia Hofmann. Thus, the company was back in family ownership.


Honoured with the René Wassermann Award at the ITSC in Basel.


Death of Jochen Rybak, Claudia Hofmann sole managing director


Member of Packaging Valley




Extension of assembly area on ground floor / office on top floor


Expansion of the operating and production area with the neighbouring hall


Top100 Award distinction

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