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Thermal coatings in sealing technology.

Each sealing system requires its own thermal coating.

If you would like to know more about our possibilities for ceramic coatings in sealing technology, please contact us now.

Sealing systems must function reliably and safely.

Inconspicuous and always tremendously important: seals are required in almost all areas of technology. Basically, the media to be sealed as well as the ambient and operating conditions determine the type, shape and material of the seal. As diversified as the sealing industry is, thermal coatings can be just as diverse when it comes to the wide range of requirements placed on seals.

Depending on whether the seal operates slowly or quickly, is static or dynamic, or a wide variety of media is employed, the right material must be found. Only by choosing the right counter-surface can the service life of a seal be significantly improved. Thermal coatings in sealing technology contribute significantly to the extension of the product life cycle.

The right material for every requirement.

Ceramic coatings made of chromium oxide.
For example, chromium oxide coatings are usually the first choice for sealing surfaces machined free of spiral marks when it comes to dynamic seals. Common components here are shaft sleeves, rotary distributors or sliding ring carriers.

Carbide coatings
Carbide coatings, e.g. tungsten or chromium carbide with a ceramic coating made into mating components are ideal for face sealing surface and rotating seals.

Customer-oriented solutions for every sealing system.
We take a very close look at the requirements and applications of our customers and then work out which thermal coating is the optimal solution in sealing technology.

Since we have all thermal spray methods at our disposal and have gained experience with almost all spray materials over 30 years, we manufacture exactly the seal for our customers that exactly meets their requirements.

The following applies in our case: every seal is given its custom coating by rhv-Technik!

Please contact us and talk to us about your individual requirements.

Stefan Schmucker,  Operations Manager



Sealing systems for almost all industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our many years of experience make us a competent and reliable partner for thermal coatings. We know the different requirements that are placed on sealing systems in very different areas.

Seals in the food sector must be suitable for food, which means chromium-based materials, such as Hastelloy or chromium oxide, are available choices. Another case involving seals are pure metal seals. This is where all soft coatings come into play, such as steel, white metal or bronze coatings – also ideal for repairs. In the case of linear sealing systems, such as hydraulic rods/pistons, good sliding surfaces are desired, which can be produced by means of chrome carbide coatings. What is important here is the subsequent grinding and polishing with the right grinding tools. Rotary joints/rotary distributors separate a wide variety of substances from each other. Areas subject to wear are thermally coated.

We repair sealing systems by means of thermal coating.

Of course, not only new parts can be thermally coated. Even worn seals, such as packs, can be reprocessed and repaired. Thanks to our enormous vertical range of manufacture, we take on the complete mechanical pre-processing and finishing in case of repairs. We can often noticeably improve the current service lives of highly stressed seals. We carry out repair orders economically, quickly and reliably.

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