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Thermal spraying

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We are experts for thermal spraying.

In particular, demanding tasks in surface technology are in the best hands with us.

Thermal spraying – the process: thermal spraying offers a wide range of possible applications. As experts in thermal spraying, we offer outstanding performance within this surface technology. Of course, we meet the applicable standards EN 657 and ISO 14917.

The application possibilities for thermal coatings are manifold. Components that need to be protected against wear or corrosion are the classic case. Such parts are refined by rhv-Technik with coatings of refractory metals or ceramics. Of course, special electrical or thermal insulation or conduction functions can also be taken over by spray coatings.

When it comes to enhancing the service life of a surface or saving a highly stressed component, we come into play as experts for thermal spraying. In such cases, a thermal spray coating is almost always the right solution. Thermal spray coatings can be found everywhere: in new parts, in repairs, for scrap salvage or preventive maintenance.

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