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Thermal coatings are used in many industries

In almost all branches of industry, high-performance thermal coatings are used.

Almost limitless areas of application for surface coatings from RHV-Technik. The variety of applications for thermal coatings is enormous and growing steadily. Sustainability plays a role almost everywhere – even in the use of highly stressed components in machines and equipment. Longer service lives before new acquisition and conditioning before disposal – more and more companies are following this guiding principle. The benefit of a high-quality thermal coating by RHV is obvious, after all, the cost-effectiveness of a surface treatment can be mathematically proven by longer service lives and durability.

Research, develop and break new ground together.

If you would like to go completely new ways when it comes to surface coating, please contact us. We look forward to exciting and innovative projects.

Stefan Schmucker, Operations Manager



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