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Special machine construction and mechanical engineering


Individual, thermally sprayed surfaces for the mechanical engineering sector.

Perfect surface technology for special machines and series production equipment.

Suitable for every requirement – thermal surface technology from rhv.

Individuality and high-performance customised solutions are the classic strengths of mechanical engineering and special machine construction. And this is exactly where the advantage of thermal spraying lies. Individual requirements can be met individually – even from batch size 1!

Our many years of experience in working with leading mechanical engineering companies all over the world make us an efficient and economical partner when high-quality surface technology is required.

Application examples for thermal spraying in all aspects of mechanical engineering.

In clamping technology, expansion mandrels are often provided with a functional, defined rough surface. A thermal coating made of tungsten carbide increases the coefficient of friction and thus the gripping function of the tool holder on machine tools and production cells. Even worn tool tables can be brought back into a new condition with a metallic, thermal spray coating.

Drive shafts or sealing seats are the classic case for a ceramic thermal spray coating as new parts as well as repair parts. We attach great importance to competence and precision. We can produce maximum tolerance requirements with an accuracy of a few μm without any problems.

Worn inner cones on spindle shafts, their bearing seats or flat surfaces are another application for thermal spray coatings in mechanical engineering. HSK 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 can easily be coated and finished at our company in-house.

Of course, we at rhv-Technik are optimally equipped in terms of measurement technology and are able to achieve and document high-precision results directly on the machine with our taper gauge.

Individual, thermally sprayed surfaces for the mechanical engineering sector:

Technical knives | Guide tracks
Guide rollers | Expansion mandrels | Sealing seats
Drive shafts | Bearing seats | Grippers

I am at your disposal for your questions about thermal surface technology in the mechanical engineering sector.

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Stefan Schmucker,  Operations Manager



Enjoy the benefits of our long-term experience in special machine construction and mechanical engineering.

The application possibilities for high-quality thermally sprayed surfaces in mechanical engineering are almost infinite. All combinations of wear and corrosion protection, non-slip or non-absorbent surfaces, low-friction or braking caotings, electrically insulating or conductive as well as temperature-conducting or insulating spray coatings are conceivable.

We are happy to contribute our expertise to your development work at an early stage. Our laboratory and testing facilities create a first-class starting point to solve your particular task. We develop a unique surface for you that is tailored to your requirements.

Take advantage of the option here to get in touch quickly.We advise plant developers and mechanical engineers competently and professionally.

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